Secondary School Transfer

Information on Admission to Secondary Schools

If you are a Croydon resident you need to apply for a secondary school place through Croydon’s Admissions Department. Their ‘step by step’ guide is shown below.

Just over half of the pupils from Selsdon Primary move on to Riddlesdown Collegiate as we are a feeder school. This means that if you make an application to Riddlesdown Collegiate, then you are guaranteed a place. However, our pupils also go to a range of other secondary schools including The Quest, Warlingham, Archbishop Tennisons, Royal Russell, De Stafford, Nonsuch and Wallington High.

Open days are generally held at the beginning of the autumn term of the year that your child starts in Year 6. We recommend you to start researching the schools that you are interested in whilst your child is in Year 5 so that you can plan your application process carefully. If you need any advice on the application process please speak to one of the Year 6 teachers who will be happy to help. If you need access to a computer in order to make an online application please speak to one of the office staff who will be happy to arrange this for you.


Step 1: Getting ready – do your research

Step 2: Check the admission policies

Admission criteria for Community schools 2018/19. You can download the admissions criteria for community primary schools from the “downloads” section at the bottom of this page. These apply to Croydon community schools.

Admission arrangements for other primary and secondary schools.  Please visit the Secondary schools web pages to view the 2018-19 admission arrangements for academies, foundation schools, free schools and voluntary-aided schools in Croydon.

Step 3: Complete your application

   You can apply for a school place at

Supplementary Information Forms (SIF) In addition to making your application online, some schools require you to complete and return direct to them a supplementary information form (SIF). These forms, which are available direct from the schools, ask for information which is not collected on the LA application form but which is needed by the schools concerned to enable them to reach a decision on your application. Please note a SIF will not be considered on its own. You must also include the school as a preference on your online application.

  • Closing date for receipt of secondary school applications is 31 October 2018.

Step 4: Receiving your offer


Secondary Schools

During the evening of 1 March 2019, you will be sent an email informing you when you can log in to view the outcome of your application. Please wait until you have received the email before logging onto the eAdmissions website.

Accepting the Offer – parents/carers must accept or decline the offer of a place by 15 March 2019.