All staff at Selsdon Primary are committed, in partnership with the parents, pupils, governors, and the Local Authority, to building a school which serves the community, and of which the community is proud.

School staff, along with the Local Authority, believe that all pupils benefit from regular school attendance. We will encourage and support parents/carers in ensuring their children maximise their educational opportunities through regular attendance, and that any difficulties that impact upon attendance are identified and acted upon promptly.

Arrival at School

Children coming to school should use the main entrances and for their own safety must keep to the pavement. Children should assemble outside their allocated doors from 8.40am onwards. The doors will be opened at 8.45am. 

Porridge will be served to children on the playground from 8.30am, this is free and available to everyone. First come, first served.

Children are not allowed on the field. Entry to school is permitted at 8.45am. All doors are locked at 8.55am. Children arriving after this time will not be allowed to enter through the classrooms and must go to the main school office where their lateness is recorded.


Teachers will register their children from 8:50am. Children arriving in school between 8:55am and 9:20am are recorded as late and given a code L, this is a late code.

Children who arrive in school from 9:20am onwards are given a code U; this is an unauthorised absence.Children are given an attendance mark for health and safety reasons, but are regarded in law as being absent. If a child persistently attends schools after the close of the register consideration will be given to (a) the issue of a Fixed Penalty Notice in the sum of £60.00 or (b) a referral to our EWO for prosecution. Lateness not only affects the learning of the student in question, but also affects the learning of others.

Sickness Absence

We understand that children do become unwell and may need to stay at home to recover. This is perfectly acceptable and we ask that parents telephone us and tell us if this is the case. If you do this can then authorise your child’s absence.

Some parents/carers may be asked to bring in medical evidence every time their child is ill, even it is just ½ day. You will be notified by the school in writing if this applies to you.

If you do not let the school know why your child is absent we will text or telephone you to on the first day of absence to find out why your child is not in school.

If your child drops below 90% you will be placed on our cause for concern register and you will be invited in to school to discuss this further.

Persistent non-attendance, where absences cannot be justified in law, may result in the issue of Fixed Penalty Notices in accordance with the Local Authority’s penalty notice protocol. In addition, the School will support the Educational Welfare Service in prosecutions brought under Section 444 Education Act 1996, or in applications in the Family Proceedings Court for Education Supervision Orders.

Leave of Absence

The taking of leave during school time is not a right and can only be taken with authorisation. All applications for leave must be made in writing to the Head of School.

The Head of School will only authorise leave in exceptional circumstances. Written applications must be made, in advance, to the Head of School.

If leave is taken without authority, then consideration will be given to issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice in the sum of £60.00 to the parent for each child.     

Rewarding Good Attendance

At the end of every term we offer prizes to children who have had excellent attendance and who have not been late to school.

At the end of the autumn and spring terms we select all of the children who have attendance of 98% and above and who have not been late more than once. We put these names in a hat and select one boy and one girl from each year group to choose a prize. These prizes include scooters, skate boards and in-line skates. These figures are worked out for each term which means that the children start afresh at the start of the spring term.

At the end of the summer term we select all of the children who have attendance of 98% and above and who have not been late more than once for the whole year. We put these names in a hat and select one boy and one girl from each year group to choose a prize of a brand new bicycle.


Here is a full copy of our Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2016
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