Nurture Provision

Nurture Provision

At Selsdon Primary we are constantly looking at ways we can promote positive mental health within our school and the wider community, so we are delighted to introduce our Nurture Room – Happy Hideaway.

Nationally, it has been reported that there has been a sharp increase in young people experiencing mental health and wellbeing symptoms. We want to ensure that our pupils are supported as we come through the other side of this and identified early where issues may arise.

Parent/Carer Coffee Mornings

Every Wednesday morning, parents and carers are invited to drop in to the Nurture room for a coffee. This gives parents and carers an informal space to share experiences and gain information about what we do during nurture sessions. We can offer support for parents and carers who are struggling and signpost them to agencies to help with areas not related to school. Our coffee mornings are from 9:00-10:00 every Wednesday, in the Nurture room.

The Zones of Regulation ®

The concept of learning how to manage emotions by categorising them and creating a toolbox of strategies to help children move securely through their emotional responses has been rolled out throughout the school. This takes the work being done on emotional wellbeing in Nurture groups/ 1-1 sessions back into classes so all children feel supported to express and regulate their emotions. Each classroom, SLT room, the canteen and Nurture centre are all equipped with Regulation stations.

If you would like more information on The Zones of Regulation® please pop along to coffee in the Nurture room on Wednesdays.

Our Nurture sessions are constantly being developed to meet the needs of our children. Your child’s class teacher will complete a Boxall profile and a Nurture referral form for your child, which will be forwarded to Mrs Knock, Selsdon Primary’s Nurture Lead, so that their Nurture journey can begin and strategies put in place, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Each year group has access to a range of interventions on offer, including:

  • Promoting positive self-esteem
  • Anger management
  • Social skills
  • CBT style sessions exploring the negative thinking traps
  • Emotional regulation

We also offer 1-1 sessions. These sessions are 30 minutes and catered to the pupil’s individual need.

In addition to this, we offer lunchtime indoor activities club to children struggling with making or maintaining friendships.

Learning is all about making connections and nurturing curiosity. So, it’s important to have the right tools to collaborate and communicate to develop a love for learning. Selsdon Primary are fortunate to have a nurture room onsite, Our Nurture Room is called Happy hideaway. This space offers ample opportunities to explore and develop the children’s emotional and social aspects of learning.

We promote positive interaction between peers at all times during any of the sessions.

Our groups have snack time and have toast and milk. The social interaction during these sessions are key to delivering a relaxed atmosphere where the children can build on their relationships with peers. The children assist with preparing the snack and setting the table for the group.

We assess the needs and plan structured interventions and assess progress through the use of Boxhall profiles, these are done pre-intervention and again towards the end to see where the progress has been made and offer an extension to the time in nurture, extra sessions in the nurture group or an alternative provision. Regular updates and progress meetings with parents are offered and feedback to the class teachers is constant, particularly where needed.

Youth Club

We run a youth club for pupils from our previous Year 6 cohort, to keep in touch with them and offer any support they need starting their secondary school journey, this youth club will be offered to our current year 6 pupils during the middle of the year, where we will focus on transition to secondary school. The children have the opportunity to talk though any issues and highlight their thoughts and feeling to topical subjects. The children enjoy the social aspect of the group, Currently, this youth club runs every Wednesday from 15:30-16:30 with Mrs Knock.

If you require further information on the ethos of nurture or have concerns about your own child and think they would benefit from a place in any of our interventions, please do not hesitate to contact us.