Selsdon Community Hub

The most up-to-date information on the hub is available here: Selsdon Community Hub Page

We run a community hub at Selsdon Primary School, catering for families in need, providing food, essential clothing and other items.

Why do we need a community hub?

In recent times there has been a huge increase in poverty and social deprivation, which has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic and the current cost of living crisis. In 2021/22 approximately 2.17 million people used a foodbank in the United Kingdom, which is a shocking number. However, it is estimated that this figure will increase drastically in the coming year. Statistically, over 25% more people are reported to be turning to a foodbank for the first time in 2023. This figure includes working professionals who are feeling the pressures of the current climate.

In response to this, Selsdon Primary are committed to helping our families and school community to get through these difficult times. It is felt that more of our families are struggling to put food on the table and to heat their homes. Something which, at Selsdon we feel very passionately about, is the concept that no one should go hungry. With this in mind, we are striving to make a difference in our school community by helping with emergency food parcels.

What do we do at the community hub?

Our community hub consists of a food bank for all families to access, a selection of pre-loved uniform and used books to share. We can distribute food parcels to our families in need. In addition to this we can offer support in signposting families to external agencies to access longer term support for a variety of issues they may currently be facing. There is more information on this in our cost of living support section on the school website.

We distribute food items that have been donated to us in conjunction with local charities and organisations committed to ending poverty and hunger. Some of the fresh food items which we receive are just passed their best before date, which is still legally safe to be sold, distributed and consumed. We will inspect all donated foods to ensure it is judged to be of sufficient quality. We will not supply any food which has passed its use before date, unless this has been safely frozen before the date shown, which makes it safe to eat. Information on how to use or store any foods donated will be given at collection.  All staff involved in distribution has undertaken appropriate food safety and handling courses to ensure safety standards are met. Due diligence in the safety of the collection, handling and distribution of the food will be adhered to at all times.

In addition to food parcels we can offer a selection of toiletries, sanitary products and baby goods. If there is any product which is required, families are encouraged to ask and although we cannot confirm availability, the staff will endeavour to accommodate where possible.

When and where can I access the hub?

Our hub is located in the Nurture Centre in the old Year 1 block next to the reception block. It is clearly marked with signage.

We are open for collection Monday to Friday:

8.40am – 9am


If there is an emergency requirement outside of these times contact to the school office can be made.

How can the community help?

In order to sustain our assistance to our vulnerable families we will rely on regular donations.

We are asking if you are in a position to do so, could you make any donations. We will have a donation box in the foyer for non-perishable goods and a monetary donations box in the office. We are also registered on the Neighbourly fundraising page if you would prefer to donate anonymously.

Any donations would be gratefully received.

We are proud to offer this service with the help of our community donations and in association with: