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Thought For The Week: 19th September 2022

Yesterday marked the State Funeral of Her Majesty The Queen. This took place at Westminster Abbey. We are inviting the members of our school community to reflect on the life of Queen Elizabeth II and consider her legacy. Our thought for this week asks you to consider what Her Majesty The Queen means to you?

5 thoughts on “Thought For The Week: 19th September 2022

  1. To me, the queen is my hero. She became queen in sad circumstances, when her dad died. She helped people during the Second World War by becoming an engineer.

  2. The Queen to me is a loyal trustworthy leader she leads are country with kindness and compassion the Queen was a loving leader .

  3. The queen is very special to me because she didnt rule the UK she ruled Canada,Jamaica and more and ruled the world for 70 years!

  4. For me,the queen is a helpful person she helped lots of people with her speeches I loved listening to them she helped people in the war . The queen even met the new priminister when she was sick .

  5. The Queen was very noble and loyal to everyone in the commonwealth and she was very kind. She made me feel safe where I am today.

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