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We are happy to announce that a new Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) has been elected during the AGM held today at Selsdon Primary School.

The three key roles of the committee have been filled and a staggering 13 class representatives have put their name forward.

The 2018/19 Selsdon Primary School PTA Committee key roles are:

Chair – Clare Buchanan

Treasurer – Kim Wright

Secretary – Lucy Brown

The 2018/2019 Selsdon Primary School PTA Class Representatives are:

Lesley Stuart-Jones (Ladybird)

Cheryl Richardson (Bumblebee)

Donnette Mainwaring (Badger)

Veronica Mensah (Robin)

Andy Patrick (Robin)

Gemma Hannon (Dove)

Samatha Considine (Stag)

Hope Elkins (Fox)

Natalie Mercer (Dolphin)

Burmaa Batsuuri (Dolphin)

Kay Bunsell (Porpoise)

Pamela Govinden (Cormorant)

Mariana Turner (Kestrel)

We are still looking for class representatives for the following classes:

Nursery; Butterfly; Squirrels; Hedgehog; Deer; Seal; Heron; Puffin; Hawk and Eagle.

If you wish to join the PTA and be one of the above class representatives please contact the school’s office.

The next meeting is scheduled for the 31st of October at 1.30pm. In this meeting we will be discussing future events and ideas so your input is much appreciated. Join us in supporting the children of Selsdon Primary School.

I would like to thank all the parents that showed their interest in this new venture. This is the beginning of a great story!

Keep visiting the school’s blog for more information about the new PTA blog and future events.

Mr Feitor