7 thoughts on “Thought for the week….

  1. I think this is a true stetment because you should always be able to reach for the stars and try your best in every second hour and day then eventually a month

  2. I think it means that if you have a rough day try to end it on a positive note then the next day you can try to make your day better and fix whatever happened the day before so I think this statement is true and if you try hard enough you can achieve anything

  3. I think it means you can start a new in anything you do for example if you were bad ☝️ day you can start a new and refresh yourself and you can become a whole new and 👍🏾 Person

  4. I think it means that when you have had a bad day then all you really have to do is try to think 💭 of a positive thought 💭 so you forget about it and try to think 💭 what the next day will be like

  5. I think this means that if you end the day on a negative thought the day will seem worse than it actually is

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