7 thoughts on “Poster competition winner

  1. The poster is really creative. I love the fact that he got the best bits of the fair like Donna’s cakes.Congratulations to Melissa and Miriam

  2. I think the person who did this was really creative and I think they are a really good artist. I like this picture because it’s really bright and it makes you want to be there at the summer fair. I love how they did this type of picture I think they really should have the prize they have one

  3. I really love what you did because it has the best drawings and it’s very creative!

  4. This poster is very creative and it has lots of bright and colourful bits in it . The person who has created this poster is very creative and they should really win the prize.people would like to go to the summer fair

  5. The poster is very colourful and he/she has put all the most fun bits of the fair in it!!!
    Congratulations to Dainel for first place!!😄
    Congratulations to Mellisa for second place!!😀
    Congratulations to Miriam for third place!!😀

  6. This picture is pretty I love it it’s so beautiful and I love the way it has different things going on in the same picture.

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