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Thought for the week: Ada Lovelace Day

This week’s TFTW celebrates overcoming barriers and women in STEM. This is because tomorrow is Ada Lovelace Day. Whilst thinking about this TFTW, we could also investigate Ada herself, and what barriers she overcame to become the world’s first computer programmer. Find out more about Ada Lovelace Day here.



5 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Ada Lovelace Day

  1. I think that stem was a very smart to be the first computer lady 🤯 I wish I was like her 😪 I wonder how did she feel ?

  2. You can turn your dreams into reality by believing in yourself and being determined. You will always come across obstacles but that is part of the challenge! You may fall but you learn from this and do things differently or take a different approach , just don’t give up! : )

  3. I think there is about 5 because if you count all of them you will rufly get about 5 and one of them is wood

  4. Wow I never knew so much in one day,I wonder if this day people would ask about her.

  5. You can overcome your barriers by standing up for your self and being brave and you must be determined To go through hard times which may effect your personality or what you do .you must think before you speak and speak from your heart.

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