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STARS Brighten your bag competition

On Friday the 17th of November children from Nursery to Year 6 are invited to take part in the ‘Brighten Your Bag’ competition. As the days are getting darker earlier now, the competition is being run to make children more aware of being safe on the roads. For more information see the poster attached.

I look forward to seeing your amazing entries !!

Mrs Huet

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13 thoughts on “STARS Brighten your bag competition

  1. I think the bag competition is great because it encourages children to stay safe.Even if you don’t enter the competition you should stay safe especially on the roads where vehicles are heading your way

  2. I think everyone should brighten their bag because cars can see that you’re there and also you can stay safe

  3. wow this is an awesome idea because some parents worry about their kids getting kidnapped and hurt
    So this would be great and kids may get seen better by the card and look glamorous

  4. If think that everyone should Brighten their bags because the 🚗 will know that your safe

  5. I think if people enter this competition and wear their bag they will be spotted on the road so it will help them when they’re by the roadside

  6. This is a awesome idea not only will your bag be running with bright colours but it will also look fab!!🙉
    Okay serious now…😶
    Since it is now getting darker earlier than usual this a great idea because then if a car light shines on you they will see you

  7. if a car was coming towards you in the dark it might run you over and you’ll have a serious injury however if you have a bright bag it will make the driver much more easer for him or she will stop

  8. Can anyone tell me whether the bags are being decorated at school on 17th or do kids decorate them at home between now and then to bring in to be judged on 17th.

  9. Hello Chris,
    On Friday 17th November the children need to bring into school a bag that they have decorated at home if they wish to be entered into the competition.
    Best wishes,
    Miss Barnett

  10. If you got hit by a car 🚗 It would be very painful 🤕 but if you you have something bright they would be able to stop ✋🚦

  11. If you don’t have anything that can show up in the dark, people in cars 🚙 may not see you and they might hit you. So I think it’s a great
    thing to do 😝😜😜.

  12. I think that everybody should brighten their🎒Because then not only cars can be safe people as well because then they can see in the dark without a flashlight and who made it can be proud to help also because it’s getting darker now the reflection from the car can bounce on then bright it up. Also if someone had an injury they could see them

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