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Following the parent survey in April 2021, children will be required to wear full uniform from 1st September 2021. Here are the details of our uniform policy:

Our Uniform Requirements

School uniform can be purchased at Hewitts of Croydon.

You can shop for Selsdon Primary School uniform online by visiting the Hewitts Website here.

Hewitts Contact Information

Address: 45 – 51 Church Street, Croydon, CR9 1QQ

Telephone: 0208 680 4555 / 0208 688 1830



Hewitt’s Pricelist:

Thank you for sending your child to school in uniform. Uniform helps children feel part of the group and minimises distractions.

Flashing trainers and large or sparkling accessories etc all act as distractions to the children’s learning and are not allowed.

Please label all uniform and belongings clearly with your child’s name.

Our uniform is as follows


No dresses or skirts of any kind can be worn by any gender in Nursery or Reception.


PE KIT for all year groups

Sports clothing with large logos and/or slogans may not be worn.

Old/cheap trainers are best for work on the field (they will get muddy so please don’t send in expensive ones!)

Hoodies or jumpers other than the Selsdon school jumper or cardigan or Selsdon tracksuit top may not be worn.

Please note hoodies are not permitted. They will be confiscated if worn in school.


Children who go swimming require the correct swimming kit.


For safety reasons, we prefer pupils not to wear earrings. If they are worn, they must be plain studs, not hooped/glass/diamond-effect/football club emblems etc. Children will be asked to remove inappropriate earrings. For PE lessons, children must remove their earrings themselves, or have them taped. It would be preferable if earrings were not worn on PE days. Other piercings are not permitted. The only other jewellery allowed is that worn for religious or medical reasons, and a named wrist watch for children from Year 3 upwards (no smart watches or wearable technology permitted). Bracelets, neck chains and rings are not permitted at any time.


Hair should be tidy.  Long hair must be tied back and children whose hair is not tied back will be asked to do so. No elaborate or extreme hair ties or hair accessories. Children must not wear nail varnish or make-up to school. If they do, they will be asked to remove it.


Bags take up a considerable amount of space in school and we ask that children only bring smaller, draw-string bags.


Whilst every effort is made to take care of children’s personal property, the School cannot take responsibility for the loss of any items. All items brought to school must be clearly named.


Water bottles (labelled and preferably with a sports cap) are essential and a part of our school uniform. If your child fails to bring a water bottle to school, they may not be able to get a drink until break/lunchtimes. 


Whilst we would rather that children did not add to their PE kit in this way, if your child must wear a long-sleeved t-shirt under your PE t-shirt, it must conform to the following guidelines:

If undershirts are not in line with this policy, children will be asked to remove them.

Please note: no visible undershirts are allowed under school uniform. (for example, long sleeved “skins” under short-sleeved shirts).

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