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Secondary School Transfer


If you are a Croydon resident you need to apply for a secondary school place through Croydon’s Admissions Department. Their ‘step by step’ guide is shown below.

If you live in another borough, you will need to apply through their admissions department. Please contact them for details.

Our pupils leave us to go on to a range of  secondary schools including Riddledown Collegiate, The Quest, Warlingham, Archbishop Tennisons, Royal Russell, De Stafford, Trinity, Nonsuch and Wallington High.

Open days are generally held at the beginning of the autumn term of the year that your child starts in Year 6. We recommend you to start researching the schools that you are interested in whilst your child is in Year 5 so that you can plan your application process carefully. If you need any advice on the application process please speak to one of the Year 6 teachers who will be happy to help.

You can apply for up to six secondary schools, listing them in order of preference. You will need to consider each school’s admissions policies and previous years’ application rates to see whether your child is likely to be offered a place. Remember to list all six schools in order of preference. If you only list one or two and your child is not offered these schools, they will be offered a place in any school that has vacancies in September. The school you end up being offered may not be one that you would have considered or wanted.

Deadline: the closing date for secondary school applications is 31 October 2020.



You will receive your school place offer by email on the evening of 1 March 2021.

You must accept or decline your offer by 15 March 2021.

To respond to your offer you will need to log into your eAdmissions account – so keep your login information safe.

Full details on the application process for Croydon residents can be found here.

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