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Pride Stories No.2: Windrush

There are many things we have to be proud of in the UK today.  We live in a thriving multi-cultural society. Britain has always benefitted from immigration and has experienced many different waves of it over the years, often being a safe place for those persecuted elsewhere in the world. The 22ndJune this year marks…

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Pride Stories No.1: Stonewall

As you may have gathered, June is PRIDE MONTH across the globe. As a result, in our schools we have been, and will be, learning about issues related to equality and pride throughout the month. As a part of this, we will be publishing some stories on the blog to help us understand some issues related to…

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Class Attendance

Well done to last week’s top attending classes: 1st – Year 3 Fox 99%; 2nd – Year 2 Robin 98.8%; 3rd – Year 5 Cormorant 98.2%. Attendance badges will be awarded at the end of the school year to every child with attendance better than 96%. Every school day counts! Keep up the great work!  

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