Thought for the week

What makes a good team? Last week we were very lucky to be visited by some of the members of the Olympic GB Taekwondo team. The individual athletes taking part in the Olympics have a team of people helping them to achieve their goals. What do you think makes a good team?

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Playground Equipment

We are pleased to inform you that the surface for the playground equipment by the Year 6 entrance will be replaced tomorrow and Wednesday. This area of the playground will therefore be sectioned off during these two days. Please could we ask that all children and parents use the entrance and exit by the Nursery this week…

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Changes to marking policy

As a result of research into effective marking by the teachers and senior leadership team we have recently updated our marking policy. A number of studies have shown that when teachers use marking codes pupils tend to focus more on the code than on the guidance being offered. Recognising this, we have decided to prioritise…

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