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Christmas performance

We had the absolute pleasure of seeing the Reception Christmas performance, this past Monday. Mr Feitor and I were blown away by the amount of content – the songs, the lines, the dance moves etc. – that the children were able to learn in such a short period of time! Fantastic job, Reception children and adults!!

Selsdon Reception

What a fantastic show the Reception children performed yesterday! They worked so hard for several weeks rehearsing their lines, practising their songs and actions. It was a success! We are all so proud of each and every one of the children. They should be so proud too.

Thank you to all the parents/carers for your support with learning, lines, songs and costumes!

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Dove’s Cartoon Museum Trip!

Year two had such a lovely trip last week, I had to repost!
It sounds like this will provide plenty of inspiration for the work they are doing in class around their half termly theme, “Comic Book Heroes”!

Selsdon Year 2

We had an INCREDIBLE day out today at the cartoon museum! We met Steve who took us round to see all the old comics. He explained to us how they were originally really big drawings and designs and then they were shrunk and copied to become comic books! We saw some of the comics we’ve been looking at the class, like Beano. We also got to see some amazing drawings of some superheroes.

Steve then showed us some of the comic designs he’s drawn for big posters; such as, road safety awareness signs that have gone up on bus stops and car parks .

We then went on to our own drawing and creating activities. First, we drew a mystery creature that lived in a tank. Then Steve taught us how to draw some really well known superheroes like batman, cat woman, Spider-Man and Wonder Woman! They looked amazing! Finally…

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