Parent Survey 2016

Here are the results of our 2016 Parent and Carer Survey

The headline is that 93% of parents and carers would recommend our school to others.

We have identified a number of action points from the results of this survey, which will be included in our School Development Plan for 2016/17:

  • Improve communication with parent and carers
  • Be more explicit about how we are dealing with bullying in school.
  • Provide more effective opportunities for parents to support their children with their learning.
  • Ensure that all members of the leadership team are more visible and that the issues outlined in the survey are addressed effectively.
  • Ensure all staff use class blogs more regularly.
  • Improve the school environment
  • Improve the sense of community and community links.

Survey Results in Descending Order

The school encourages my child to be punctual and have good attendance: Agree/Strongly Agree: 97%

My child is making good progress: Agree/Strongly Agree: 93%

My child settled in well when they started at Selsdon: Agree/Strongly Agree: 93%

My child is excited about learning and enjoys what s/he is learning: Agree/Strongly Agree: 92%

The school helps my child to develop socially, respect others and become independent: Agree/Strongly Agree: 92%

The staff treat my child fairly and with respect: Agree/Strongly Agree: 90% (don’t know/neutral 3%)

My child feels safe at this school: Agree/Strongly Agree: 89% (don’t know/neutral 3%)

Behaviour is considered important at Selsdon and pupils behave well: Agree/Strongly Agree: 88% (don’t know/neutral 5%)

Selsdon is inclusive and everyone is valued: Agree/Strongly Agree: 88%(don’t know/neutral 4%)

My child is taught an interesting and broad curriculum: Agree/Strongly Agree: 86% (don’t know/neutral 8%)

I am pleased with how my child is taught: Agree/Strongly Agree: 85% (don’t know/neutral 11%)

I feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions, suggestions or concerns: Agree/Strongly Agree: 83% (don’t know/neutral 5%)

This school has high expectations for my child: Agree/Strongly Agree: 84% (don’t know/neutral 5%)

The school helps me support my child’s learning: Agree/Strongly Agree: 83% (don’t know/neutral 8%)

I have regular opportunities to meet with my child’s teacher and be kept well informed about how my child is doing: Agree/Strongly Agree: 82% (don’t know/neutral 5%)

Selsdon is well led and managed: Agree/Strongly Agree: 77% (don’t know/neutral 7%)

Any concerns about bullying are dealt with quickly and effectively: Agree/Strongly Agree: 73% (don’t know/neutral 18%)

The school communicates well with parents: Agree/Strongly Agree: 69% (don’t know/neutral 14%)


I think that there should be more of the following in the curriculum (Please share any ideas you have about school trips, visitors to the school, aspects of the curriculum, out of school activities etc.)

  • Make use of the allotment.
  • More school trips. Mix them up. Go to art gallery. Bird sanctuary. Places of worship.
  • Teach about British culture
  • Termly letter saying what children would be learning in each area of the curriculum. Termly newsletters telling us what the children are studying would be helpful. More information on subjects in advance
  • After school clubs. Ballet or dance for reception children. Tennis club. Maths, science clubs.
  • Group singing. Inspirational songs to enhance a sense of community.
  • More teaching on faith and ethics – not what people of different faith groups wear or do but what they believe, prayer, spiritual awareness and experience.
  • Challenging curriculum for more-able students.
  • Focus on creative writing.
  • Traditional nativity for Reception/Y1
  • More spaces for after school clubs and a more even allocation of spaces.
  • More money spent on the teaching staff.
  • Chance to work with children of different ages; supporting younger students and to learn from the older students.


The school could do the following to help me support my child more with their learning:      

  • Use the blogs more- all homework tasks should be posted. Some classes don’t post anything for months. I love to see what my child has been up to.
  • Give out what level they are at so we can see if improvement has been made or needed.
  • Tell parents more through the reading record areas for development, give more homework. Communicate more on focus areas and the resources that can be used to supplement learning at home. Homework – more use of worksheets to complete on maths and literacy. Too many posters to complete – Year 3
  • More detailed workshops. Parent workshops. More learning workshops for parents to keep up with modern teaching methods. Learning information sessions for parents and children keep parents informed of changes topics new methods of learning and ways to support your children at home
  • More useful websites advertised.
  • More structured opportunities to learn after school in after school club.
  • Generally better communication between the school and home. Not just from teachers but also by senior management and the office.
  • A more consistent and justifiable system for the handing out of merits. Fairer distribution not just to the most and least able able in the class.
  • Teachers come to door more/notice board updates and use the blog.


I think the school could do the following to improve communication with parents:

  • Make everyone more aware of the blog and encourage interaction.
  • Teachers to write in the reading diaries.
  • Leadership staff to be seen around school more.
  • Operate an open door for all parents.
  • Have a NON electronic newsletter as it’s not always possible or practical to view pages of small print on a phone.
  • Proof read all letters ensuring all details are clear and correct never assume that every parent knows how things work.
  • Give more notice on dress up days etc..
  • More content in newsletters.
  • More frequent parent teacher meetings.
  • Communicate better with each other.
  • Office staff should be nicer.
  • Some teachers blog far less than others though which is a shame. Better use of the blog! I think the school should be asking parents what they’d like to see on the blog, what would be useful.
  • Be more open about changes – there are a lot of things that are decided and then we are just informed and as parents if would be good if our opinion were taken into account.
  • Communication with class tutor could be much improved, there’s always a sense of the teacher never having the time to discuss matters/ concerns as too busy.
  • More community minded.
  • More pride taken for the upkeep of the school.


One thing I really like about this school is:

  • Seeing parents and carers in the corridors each morning taking their children to class. Parents should never be discouraged from doing this.
  • Morning and after school clubs, interesting homework.
  • Good teaching
  • Family
  • The merit policy
  • Feeder school to Riddlesdown.
  • Multicultural
  • My child feels safe and looks forward to going to school and is excited to tell me what she has done when she gets out every day.
  • The way they look after the kids.
  • Teacher’s communication with parents
  • FOSP
  • Is a big community
  • There feels like there is a lot more going on especially in relation to sports and inter school activities. That was lacking in the past.
  • Office staff
  • Excellent
  • Disciplined and hard-working Teachers
  • They have a merit system. If the kids get to head teachers award then they get rewarded with a school trip. It’s a great motivator to get the kids to work hard to achieve merits.
  • How they treat everyone
  • The teachers and other staff feels like a community.
  • Smart uniform
  • Sports activities and external opportunities in sport
  • The focus on charitable work via the themed Fridays, which are always fun.
  • Daily reading at home is enforced
  • My kids enjoy coming to school.
  • Fairness
  • My children are happy
  • Atmosphere staff friendly and welcoming always attempt to help and majority of children very polite holding doors showing good manners and looking happy.
  • Happy children. Happy atmosphere
  • Diversity
  • The foundations and principles are good


One thing I would like to improve at this school is:

  • Selsdon should be led for its own best interests and not those of Heavers farm.
  • Consider parent’s views more.
  • More leadership present in the playground before and after school to enforce good behaviour.
  • Hardly ever see Head of School.
  • Not feeling like we’re second fiddle to Heavers Farm. My child does not attend HF so why are letters sent on HF headed paper?
  • Listening to concerns and more senior staff being more approachable.
  • School dinners
  • The parking these parents don’t care that they are holding up traffic in the morning parking outside school. We need some sort of control outside in the morning it’s ridiculously.
  • Supporting new starters
  • More consideration for parents.
  • More class assemblies or opportunities for the child to share their work with their parents. Children love to be proud of their work.
  • Promoting itself, and its pupils within the community.
  • The management. Very confusing and you don’t really see any senior members or have any contact with senior staff. More involvement from senior management. Smaller leadership team, more teachers and TAs.
  • Head of School communication with parents
  • More after school activities
  • Adopt a more family orientated environment.
  • Better sense of community.
  • To make it outstanding
  • The condition and upkeep of outdoor spaces.
  • Covered spaces when it rains


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