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Thought for the Holidays!

It’s the Easter/Spring Break! It’s been a long term with lots and lots of hard work. We are really proud of all of our pupils this half-term and their wonderful work thinking about women’s history and women’s equality. This is on top of some incredible sports achievements and other amazing things.

For the holidays, we’re asking you to have a think about (to paraphrase Heather Small):

What have you done this term to make you feel proud?

Is it your school work? Is it your behaviour? Is it something special you achieved this term? We are proud of everyone in our school and everything they’ve achieved, and now we want you to think about being proud of yourself for your achievements!

A very happy Easter to those in our community who celebrate this, Ramadan Mubarak to those observing this – and we wish you a very happy break from school for everyone!