Governors’ Day In School

On Thursday, six of our governors visited the School for our “Governors’ Day in School”.  They have written a message for everyone about their experience. You can find out more about the school governors here.

At the start of the day, we attended a staff briefing, then we watched children arrive and managed to speak to a number of parents in the playground.  We noted that, in future when we run this sort of event, we need to let families know in advance that we will be in school so that those who wish to speak to us would know we will be there.

We visited classrooms to see children at work.  We do this to remind ourselves why we are governors and to see how decisions we make affect children in practice.  We saw some really interesting lessons and were delighted to see how engaged the children were with their learning.  Everyone we spoke to (families, staff, children) all told us how happy they were at Selsdon and how much the children were learning.

Following our classroom visits we met with the senior leadership team to discuss what we had seen, then some of us had a school dinner with the children.

We would like to thank all the children (and staff) for making us so welcome.