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Thought For The Week: Mon, 31st October 2022

Today marks the beginning of a new half-term, which means a new half-termly theme. As most of you will already know, this half-term we have the theme of Disability Awareness. This is taking place this half-term in order to coincide with UK Disability History Month (UKDHM). This year, UKDHM is taking place between: Wednesday 16th November 2022 to Friday 16th December 2022. UKDHM covers HIV/AIDS Day (1st December), International Day of People with Disabilities (3rd December) and International Human Rights Day (10th December). It also relates to Anti-Bullying Week (19th to 23rd November). This year’s UKDHM has the theme of: Disability, Health and Well Being.

To kick off this half-termly theme, this week’s thought for the week looks at the below quote:

What does this quote mean? How can you make sure that you are making your abilities count? Do you take notice of other people’s abilities or their disabilities?