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Thought For The Week: w/c 4th April 2022

This week, we will complete our half-term theme “Women’s history”. For the last thought of the week with this theme, we would like you to think about how women have impacted the world? What great event has impressed you the most?

2 thoughts on “Thought For The Week: w/c 4th April 2022

  1. Women have impacted the world by showing how important women is like men.I think that when Rosa Parks refuses to move from her seat for a white person ,it really showed that Rosa thought that what people are thinking about women is wrong.She knew that she would get a sanction from it but she didn’t care and went ahead and said NO.I think that women have a great impact on the world especially with their great talents that they all have.We all need to respect women like how we respect men.Women are as strong as men and can do anything they desire.We can all change the world to make it a better place from just respecting everyone equally.

  2. Remember, women played an important role in the 1980s and impacted this world’s equality by showing how women is important like men. The women knew they would go to jail for that, but they didn’t care and stood up for themselves and said “STOP RACISM!” They helped the world be a better place otherwise if the women did not help, then the girls and women would’ve not been able to go to schools, shops and other entertainment places.The women stood up and spoke to the whole world. God made us to live in peace and harmony. The women were encouraged to stop this racism!

    Jing from Porpoise Class

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