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Thought For The Week: w/c 28th March 2022

Have you ever had to pick yourself up after “falling”? What have you learned and how did you overcome the setbacks that you experienced?

19 thoughts on “Thought For The Week: w/c 28th March 2022

  1. I think this quote means that even if you fail at something, you don’t give up and you keep on doing what you were doing. Nothing can stop you from reaching your dreams!

  2. If you fall you need to get back up again and i overcame it by doing some mindfulness colouring

  3. If you fall you need to tell an adult and you can sort it all out and i overcame it by dancing to my favourite song

  4. I have learnt that you stand up and have faith in myself
    I over come setbacks by continuing to try hard even if i fail.

  5. Even when you fall you should get up and try again and chase your dreams.I over come setbacks by practising.

  6. I have learnt that to always get back up and believe in your self and I could overcome the setbacks by continuing trying again and again until i can do it.

  7. I have learnt that even if you feel down you can always get back up,persevere and overcome your problems.

  8. if you fall you need to tell an adult to help or support you and sort it out i overcame this by listening to my favourite song on the radio

  9. I have learned to stand up for my self when people are mean to me- Nicolas and Ilyda (porpoise)

  10. I overcame set back by learning different subjects like maths and English and practicing.

  11. I have learnt that if you ever fall you should have faith in your self and believe in your self and how I over come my setback i just relax and have a nap.

  12. I think this means that if you fail something and you feel like why this is happening, you don’t give up and you keep on trying until you get it right.Don’t let anyone ruin your big dreams

  13. I have learnt to get back up and give it your best and to overcome a setback I will keep on trying.

  14. If you fall go and tell a parent or someone that close to you I over came this by drawing my favourite things and mindfulness colouring.

  15. i over came this because when we were losing kept on going till the end

  16. I liked DT because we are making lamps when we put a light in it
    it will glow

  17. I think what this means is that you should keep on trying no matter what!

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