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Thought For The Week: w/c Monday, 25th October 2021

In the fourth instalment of our school rule series of TFTW, this week, we are thinking about the school rule: we take care of everything in school.

Have a think about this school rule. What does it mean to “take care” of something? Why do we have this rule? Why is it important?

Year 5 & 6: Could this rule be written differently? How do we actively take care of things?

One thought on “Thought For The Week: w/c Monday, 25th October 2021

  1. i think when it says take care it means like to take care of the school stuff and play things but if there was no such school rule like that we wont have anything to play with because people might break them so there is no fun and also including indoors we must take care of them if not there won’t be any work

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