9 thoughts on “Thought For The Week: Monday, 13th September 2021

  1. It takes time because you can do well if you take your time. I would like to achieve my headteachers award and it will take time. I want to do well in Maths and i will need practice.

  2. My goal is to achieve the Headteachers award, which will require me some time to do well at school in my lessons. (Ava Campbell Y3 Stag)

  3. I believe that Maya Angelou states this because when you’re working on something, you won’t find success like BOOM! And everything’s not always going to go your way, so you need to learn that over the course of time (no matter how long) you’ll eventually get there in the end after working hard and trying your best in every aspect that you can.

  4. I think she means that to achieve something do not rush it because if you rush it you might not achieve it

  5. I think Maya Angelous meant that if you want to achieve somthing you have to keep trying you best at whatever you want to achieve it takes time because if you rush it you wont achieve.

  6. I think achievements require time because you will make mistakes if you want to learn to do something. You have to have a growth mindset and try your best. Freddy Hawk Class.

  7. I think she means that if you want to achieve something you don’t have to rush it and you have to work for that achievement and

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