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Monday Morning

Good evening everyone,

We are really looking forward to welcoming children in Years 1 to 6 back to school tomorrow. 

In order to continue to keep everyone safe we would like to limit the number of adults in the school buildings. The office is open to visitors, but we would like to respectfully ask parents to drop off and collect their children from the school playgrounds.

The teachers will be present in the school playground tomorrow morning to greet you and your children. You will be able to introduce yourself to them and pass on any quick messages but please be mindful of the teacher’s time! If it is an issue that is going to need a longer conversation, please speak to the office to make an appointment to speak at a more convenient time. 

Please note that school start and end times are a very busy time for the office staff, so it might be quicker and for you to email or telephone them later in the day to make an appointment or make your query.

Children in Year 1 should be taken to the Year 1 classroom block where the teachers will come out to meet you by the classroom door. Teachers will be outside from 8.40am. 

Children in Years 2 to 6 should be taken to the main playground where the teachers will come to meet them at 8.40am.

Any children arriving after 8.50am should go straight to the school office where they will be entered onto the school register. Please note that children arriving at their class after 8.50am are late for school, and will receive a late mark on the register.

The leadership team will on hand in the playgrounds in the morning and after school to help direct everyone to the right place!

Thank you for all of your support going into this new school year, we are all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. 

With best wishes

Susan Papas