5 thoughts on “Thought For The Week: Friday, 25th June 2021


    “Hope will never be silent.” These relevant and inspiring words come from one of our nation’s most prominent LGBT civil rights leaders. Harvey Milk believed in a country, a world, that would honor the God-given rights of all individuals, gay or straight.

    I hope for COVID-19 to end. I will make sure I follow all the rules of social distance.

    Jing (stag class)

  2. I think that Harvey Milk’s quote means that if you really want to achieve something you have to work hard for it. I also think that it means that if you want something to change or be different being silent wont help.

    Gabrielle – Kestrel Class

  3. I think that Harvey Milk meant that if you are hoping for something then don’t be silent about it otherwise it will just always keep on bothering you! Speak up for what you think and hope for!

  4. I think what Harvey Milk means by hope will never be silent is that if you hope something you can’t be silent about it, you have to share it.

  5. I think Harvey milk was saying was you can’t wish for hope it won’t help nor happen. You need to make it happen if you want it to happen. You can’t just sit around and wait for something to happen it needs to happen cause of what you do you need speck up for what you hoped for.🙂

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