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We want to say a huge thank you to Ludoquist! Board Game Café in Croydon.

Last year, our Year 5’s All A-Board! project saw pupils become game designers. As part of this project, children visited Ludoquist! to get some hands-on experience with a fantastic selection of games. Year 5 loved their visit and it was great inspiration for their own games.

So, we were delighted to hear back from them after they ran a lockdown ‘future funder’ in which they have donated 100 games to Selsdon and Heavers Farm Primary School. These games include Brainbox Maths and English puzzles as well as David Walliams maths games.

The games are being awarded to 2 pupils from each class who have shown consistently good effort both inside and outside of school since Christmas. There are also some additional games that are being used by class teachers to support learning during school hours.

Of course, it is difficult to reward just 2 pupils from each class in such a challenging year. So many children continue to prove just how brilliant they are every day. However, we hope those who get awarded a game enjoy them.

And, of course, if you’re keen to try out a huge selection of brilliant board games, we can’t recommend visiting Ludoquist! in central Croydon enough!

And a big thank you to Mr Crickett (Puffin Class) who organised all of this!