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Attendance and Punctuality


We have been so happy to welcome everyone back to school.  Our attendance figures for the first week were amazing.  We would like to thank you all for helping us achieve a super 97.6%.  It would be wonderful if we could continue to keep attendance above the national average.

We are sure you will join us in celebrating the way in which the children have been able to adapt back to school life after a period of home learning.  It has been so lovely to see how it has made them feel to be with their friends again.

Also, please say a huge well done to those who have returned with beaming smiles on their way in each morning with greetings of ‘good morning’.  We’ll let the children know in school how good it makes everyone feel when they do this or offer a ‘have a nice evening’ on the way out.  

In school, children couldn’t be prouder we when acknowledge their good manners; whether it be for holding a door open for someone or greeting an adult they pass in the corridor.


Now that we are well into our second week, it seems the perfect time to help our children in learning the importance of being punctual.  

To help you to support them with this, below is a reminder of the times for each of the year groups whilst we are operating the staggered start times recommended by the government.



Nursery (morning)       08:30 11:30

Nursery (full day)   08:30 14:45 

Reception             08:45 14:55 

Year 1                            09:00 15:05 

Year 2                            09:00 15:05 

Year 3                           09:15 15:15 

Year 4                            09:15 15:15 

Year 5                            09:25 15:25 

Year 6                            09:25 15:25

For each staggered time, there is a 10 minute window for you to arrive safely within.  For example, for Year 3, the earliest you can enter the school site is 09:10 and the end of the window for Year 3 is 09:20.  This means that the classroom doors will be shut at 09:20.  Anyone arriving after this time will need to go to the office and will be marked late.  In KS2 this will mean two minutes of detention for every minute of lateness.

Punctuality is an important life skill, one that is even easier to teach when it is linked to keeping everyone safe.  

From our COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN F0R OUR SCHOOLS FULL SCHOOL REOPENING MARCH 2021 document available under the Cover Guidance section, here are a few reminders:

We expect children and parents to arrive promptly at the start and end of each day and not spend time waiting by the gates. This is to reduce the number of people outside each gate at the start and end of the day and keep everyone safe.

If a child is late to school, then the parent should buzz the office and wait for instructions. 

We ask that when adults drop off/collect children inside the school site, that they leave the immediately, using the one-way system. This will prevent any crowding on site. 

We thank you for your continued support which has helped us to achieve such a great start back to full reopening.

Kind regards

Jo Read