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School Closure – Urgent Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

Late this afternoon, the Education Secretary announced that schools in areas where the infection rates are highest, will remain closed to all but key workers’ and vulnerable children until January 18th. Croydon is one of the areas identified as a ‘Coronavirus hotspot’ which means that both of our schools will be closed to all children other than key workers’ and vulnerable children.

I apologise for the late notice, but we have only just been notified of this and the government have not yet released any details other than a list of the coronavirus hotspots.

Remote learning will be in place for all children from Tuesday 5th January 2021 (there is a planned staff training day on Monday 4th January). Information about provision in school for key workers and vulnerable pupils will be sent out to all parents as soon as we have seen the new guidance.

I appreciate that the government announcement has been welcomed by some parents but may be the cause of worry for others. We will do all we can to share information with you as soon as it is published.

Thank you for your ongoing support in such unpredictable and worrying times.

With best wishes,

Susan Papas

4 thoughts on “School Closure – Urgent Update

  1. Hi how do we get information for children of key workers? I have 2 children that attend your school, 1 in reception and 1 preschool and I am a key worker so I need to know the arrangements please. Many thanks

  2. Hello, I have made my request as a key worker for my son to attend school, but I have not received any confirmation as yet
    Thank you

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