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Keeping Everyone Safe

Hello everyone,

Firstly, thank you to the vast majority of you who have been incredibly supportive and always wearing a face covering whilst you are on the school site.

As you will have seen in the news, there has been a significant increase in the number of Covid cases in the UK. The government are currently considering tighter rules to deal with this. This means that we will need to be more vigilant than ever before in order to protect our school community from infection.

To support this we are going to be more strict about asking all visitors to our school site to wear a face covering.

From Monday 21st September 2020 we will not allow anyone aged 12 and over to enter the school site without a face covering.

If you have a medical exemption, we ask that you wear a face visor. If this is not possible, please speak to the adult on duty at the school gate and they will arrange for your child to be taken to/collected from their classroom.

We know many of you have talked to us about how anxious you are about keeping your family safe. We hope that this additional measure offers some reassurance to you in these worrying times.

With best wishes,

Susan Papas