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‘Drop-off’ and ‘Pick-up’ routines

Hello everyone,

A big ‘thank you’ to all of you who have been working with us to improve the drop off and pick up routines throughout this week.  The improvements we have seen have shown us that the better we are at sticking to these times, the safer it is becoming for everyone.  We have had some helpful feedback and supportive comments which have been useful when deciding what adjustments needed to be made.  The better we all are at social distancing, the safer everyone will feel and be.

We want to continue to support the pupils in Year 5 and 6 to be able to leave school feeling comfortable that they are able to be socially distanced.  Today some children were confidently leaving the school site with great social distancing because they knew where they were meeting an adult.  Those who were less sure had not arranged a meeting place.  If you have not done so already, please arrange a meeting place at a distance that you and your child feel comfortable with.  This cannot be right outside the school gate as we just don’t have the space for this.  Agreeing a meeting place helps your child feel safe about their exit from school.  Please remind your children that should they not find you at your agreed meeting place, they should head back to school to the members of staff at the school gate.

I had a few requests today to confirm timings again so they are included below.

The start times are as follows:

Nursery 08:30, Reception 08:45, Years 1 & 2 09:00, Years 3 & 4 09:15, Years 5 & 6 09:25.

The end times are as follows:

Nursery 14:45, Reception 14:55, Years 1 & 2 15:05, Years 3 & 4 15:15, Years 5 & 6 15:25.

For those of you who have siblings with start times that follow on from one another, we have some helpful advice that has been working well this week.  Parents who have been following this advice have been finding it reduces their wait time and leaves them with no need to queue.  Each year group has a ten minute start period.  For example, if you have a child in Year 1 or 2 and another in Year 3 or 4, we suggest bringing the youngest child towards the end of the 10 minute start period (which for Year 1 and 2 is between 08:55am-09:05am), at around 09:05.  This way, once you exit the school site next to Nursery, when you are back outside the school, you will be arriving at the correct time when Year 3 and 4 are being let in (between 09:10am-09:20am).

Thank you once again for working with us to help with great improvements we are now seeing at the start and end of the school day.

Best wishes

Jo Read

One thought on “‘Drop-off’ and ‘Pick-up’ routines

  1. Good evening,  Just wanted to say myself and family feel your doing an amazing job with drop off pick ups and staggered times, the last couple days it’s been so smooth and not at all stressful. Tommy is so happy to be back at school and it’s because you as a school are so very organised he’s so relaxed.  Well done selsdon. Thank you. Mrs courtman 

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