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Change to Year 5 & 6 Arrangements

Hello Year 5 and 6 parents,

From today we are dismissing all year five and six pupils from the main school entrance. This is to reduce the congestion on the pavements outside school. Could we ask you to speak to your child(ren) and agree a collection point between you. Some children were worried today as they did not know where their parent was meeting them.

Please do not wait immediately outside the school gate. This makes it very unsafe for the children leaving school as they have to breach social distancing guidance to get past you, it also means that children cannot see where they need to go. It is very intimidating for some of our pupils to walk out through this crowd.

Please ensure that your children do not bring bags into school. The only things they need are their water bottle, a coat (if needed) and their packed lunch (if they are not having a school lunch).

Best wishes,

Susan Papas