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Class Allocations for September

Dear parents/carers,

I hope you are all keeping well.

Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, we have been unable to hold a family evening this year for children to meet their new teacher for September.

To support your child with moving to their new class, we have asked your child’s new class teacher to call each pupil to introduce themselves before the end of term. Please note that this may appear as a withheld number.

The names of the classes and class teachers for September are listed below. If you have any questions regarding this then please contact the school office.

Best wishes,

Mrs Parker

Year Current Class New Class Teacher
N New Foxcubs Nursery Emma Regan
R New Bumblebee Class Tim Briell
R New Ladybird Class Kristal McIntosh
1 Butterfly Class Hedgehog Class Jade Jordan-Shakes
1 Bumblebee Squirrel Class Lucinda Rix
1 Ladybird Class Badger Class Georgia Kirby
2 Hedgehog Class Owl Class Bejal Maru
2 Squirrel Class Dove Class Alex Brazier
2 Badger Class Robin Class Michaela Wright
3 Robin Class Fox Class Nina Kellman
3 Dove Class Stag Class Beverley Dennis
3 Owl Class Deer Class Kym Huet
4 Stag Class Porpoise Class Catherine Jeffries
4 Fox Class Dolphin Class Mike Havies
5 Porpoise Class Puffin Class Andy Crickett
5 Dolphin Class Cormorant Class Alex Cousins
5 Seal Class Heron Class Claire Snow
6 Heron Class Eagle Class Mark Mitchard
6 Puffin Class Kestrel Class Nina Ballo
6 Cormorant Class Hawk Class Roisin Kumar

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