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School Opening Update

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry for not posting an update sooner. We have been very busy in school settling in the children who have returned to school and waiting for government guidance on what we need to do next.

If your child is in nursery, reception, year one or year six and have not returned to school yet, they can still do so. You just need to send an email to the school office by Thursday each week, so that your child can start back in school on the following Monday.

We have been looking ahead to next term so that we can prepare for more children to come back to school. The government have hinted that all year groups will be able to return in September and that schools will continue to organise the children into separate ‘bubbles’. However, we may be asked to expand each ‘bubble’ to include up to 30 children. This would mean that each class would form a ‘bubble’. We would still need to focus on strict hygiene regimes and not allow contact between each ‘bubble’. Obviously, this presents a number of organisational challenges, so until we know the details we cannot plan with any certainty.

The government have said that they will publish further information next week to help schools prepare for a full return in September. As soon as I have this information, I will share it with you.

In the meantime, to help you plan for next term we have decided on the following:

  • Children should continue to wear their own clothes to school for the whole of the autumn term. This is to enable parents/carers to wash their children’s clothes as frequently as possible in order to reduce risk of cross infection.
  • All club provision will continue to be cancelled until further notice (including after school and breakfast clubs).

We thought it was important to share this with you so that you do not need to buy any school uniform for next term. We will reinstate the school’s uniform policy on 1 January 2021. We have had to cancel clubs until such time that social distancing is allowed between children in different bubbles. If, and when, this is announced by the government, we will reinstate our club provision.

If you have any worries or concerns about your child returning to school, please email the school office and one of the leadership team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Take care everyone,


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