One thought on “Thought For The Week: 11th May 2020

  1. Being part of solution would mean doing more recycling, buying unpacked fruits and vegetables, making environment friendly choices when buying packed ready made meals. Some shops or supermarkets are still selling foods in partially recyclable trays with lid. Less waist food and buy what we really need. Walk more or go by bike. Less cars on the streets would mean better planing of trips to/from work, school. Planting more trees and securing green belt areas. Drinking more tap water not bottled one. Crisps should be sold in recyclable packages and I don’t understand why the same flavour crisps factories are packing like 6 in 1 or even 8 in one. Can’t we share or use a reusable box to take the amount we might eat with us? Strict control and rules should be in place in beaches, around any waters because people still are littering our amazing waters and the sea world is suffering because of our lack of respect, appreciation and responsibility to cherish Mother Nature.

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