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School Closure- Update

I am sure you have already heard about yesterday’s announcement from the Secretary of State that schools will be closed for all children other than vulnerable pupils and those whose parents or carers are key workers. The DfE have not published a list of who is defined as a key worker. They are expected to do this later today.

After Friday, schools as providers of education will be closed for the foreseeable future. From Monday, schools are being asked to open to provide care for vulnerable pupils and those whose parents or carers are key workers. This is an entirely different role for schools and school staff. It is primarily about care, not education.

In order to plan for this we need to find out how many children will be attending this childcare provision from Monday onwards. If you are a key worker and would like your child to be allocated a place in this provision please fill out this questionnaire: The deadline is 17:00 today.

This childcare provision will be based at Heavers Farm Primary School and will run from 08:45 to 15:05 from Monday to Friday. The provision will be run and managed by staff from both of our schools. It is open to the children of key workers from both Heavers Farm and Selsdon Primary schools

Thank you for your support and patience in this extraordinarily challenging time.

2 thoughts on “School Closure- Update

  1. Is there no provision being made for remotely continuing education for pupils who are not children of key workers or is that information still to follow?

  2. Hello Ms Stevens,
    A daily activity/lesson will be posted by each teacher on each year group blog. Please make sure that you follow your son’s year group blog so that you can receive notifications as soon as these are uploaded on the blog. A resources pack will also be sent home together with the reading diary and three books. You can also find the login details in the school’s blog to access eBooks from home.
    In addition, your children can also access Times Tables Rock Stars and practise their times tables and division facts.
    More information will be posted on the blog in the next few days.
    Best wishes and thank you for all the support.

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