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Don’t forget you have free access to Collins BigCat eBooks

If you are at home and well, do keep reading every day.  You can change your book by choosing an e-book.   You have access to any Pink to Lime BigCat eBooks.

To do this simply click on the link here.

Select the school first.  Then enter the day and month of birth (1/January), the first letter of the last name (A), and year group (1).  Once in, click on the tab for ebooks (top left).

The books you can access range from Pink to Lime bands – we hope you enjoy this extra resource for reading at home.


9 thoughts on “Don’t forget you have free access to Collins BigCat eBooks

  1. Hello Mrs Ramsey. After selecting Selsdon Primary, you need to select year 1; 1st of January and letter A Not your son’s/daughter’s details. Best wishes

  2. Hello…we can’t login and have used the details you specified above. Could you advise? Thanks

  3. Dear Mrs Kleywegt,
    We have noticed that for some reason the login details are currently not working. We will be contacting the support team so that the problem is fixed. Hopefully this will be back online in a short while. Best wishes

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