Important Information – Consultation on Changes to Admissions to Riddlesdown Collegiate

Dear Parents,

We have been advised by the Principle of Riddlesdown Collegiate that a consultation regarding admissions to the school has opened today.

More information regarding the consultation can be found in the attached documents. We encourage all parents and carers to respond to the consultation so that your views can be taken into consideration.

Best wishes

Mrs Parker

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  1. Quite saddened by this news. My family has attended Riddlesdown school since the 1970’s and has been ongoing with the children in our family to date. Just knowing you can no longer get a place through former family students which ceased over a decade ago, foreseeable restructure to cease entry from an establishing feeder school, and neither accept ability based individuals deems extremely difficult with very little chance for any child who lives in LB Croydon to now attend Riddlesdown. A postcode should not define a child’s desire in education.

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