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Family Evening Tuesday 9th July

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Family Evening tomorrow. Parents/Carers and children can pop in between 3.45pm and 5.30pm (school will close at 6pm). During this time you will be able to collect your child’s report and will have the opportunity to look through their work from the year. Children can also go and meet their new teacher for next year (see below).

Unfortunately Miss Jeffries is unable to attend the Family Evening, however she will be visiting her class next week on Wednesday.

Miss Thompson will be in school between 3.45pm and 4.30pm. She will be based in Dove class during this time so that the children can meet her before September.

Mr Mitchard is currently the Year 6 leader at Heavers Farm, therefore he is unable to attend the Family Evening as he will be with his current class at Heavers.  He will be visiting Heron class next week.

Please see below for the class allocation for September:

YN New Fox Cubs Katie Cook
YR New Butterfly Megan Marshall
YR New Bumblebee Catherine Lay
YR New Ladybird Nimra Rana
Y1 Ladybird Badger Jenna Gordon
Y1 Butterfly Squirrel Lucinda Rix
Y1 Bumblebee Hedgehog Carlie Chandler
Y2 Hedgehog Dove Alex Brazier
Y2 Badger Owl Roisin Kumar
Y2 Squirrel Robin Jade Jordan Shakes
Y3 Robin Stag Tim Briell
Y3 Dove Fox Lettie Thompson
Y4 Deer Dolphin Claire Snow
Y4 Fox Porpoise Catherine Jeffries
Y4 Stag Seal Kym Huet
Y5 Dolphin Cormorant Alexander Cousins
Y5 Seal Heron Maxine Foster
Y5 Porpoise Puffin Andy Crickett
Y6 Heron Eagle Mark Mitchard
Y6 Puffin Hawk Siobhana Rowland
Y6 Cormorant Kestrel Nina Ballo