7 thoughts on “Thought For The Week: 17th June 2019

  1. I think that if I recycle and make other people recycle, the seas and oceans will be cleaner and it will help the world be a better place. Furthermore, i could get re-useable products to reduce the amount of plastic that is used.

  2. To change the world for the better I could be a role model to others and teach others not to litter. Instead I could model how to always recycle because this will help create a cleaner healthier planet to live in. ♻️ 🌎

  3. I can help change the world for the better by recycling materials that can be recycled. This would to cut down the amount of trees that are chopped down and reduce the amount of plastic that is constantly thrown away. In addition, I would do my best to buy products that are Fairtrade so that people get paid better for their hard work.

  4. To change the world for the better, everyone could learn to be tolerant of others. This would mean everyone is polite,caring and respectful to each other.

  5. I can change the world for the better by recycling and even try to reduce the amount of plastic♻️♻️♻️ I use. I can also encourage other people to walk instead of driving as pollution can harm the world 🌍 and we only have one.

  6. I think this means that everyone should do there part like in the world. If we all stop 🛑 polluting and cut down on the amount of trees we cut down,it would benefit the world. If I just be myself, then I will make the world a better place! Always believe that you can make a change!

  7. I would start to pick up any litter I see when I am outside,at home or in school to help stop all the pollution that is in our world. I would spread my idea by making many leaflets and giving them to people I see around.

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