Recent news


The Class attendance competition restarts for the Summer Term.

Well done to the following classes for the best attendance so far:

1st – Year 3 Stag 100%;

2nd – Year 1 Hedgehog 98.9%;

3rd – Year 4 Porpoise 98%.

Remember that we expect all children to achieve attendance of at least 96% as research shows that this gives them the best chance of success at school!

Punctuality is an important life skill and children should arrive on time for school every day. The school day starts at 8.55am, when the register is taken. Children can go into class from 8.40am. Arriving late disrupts your child’s learning and that of other children as late arrivals disturb the class who are already working.

To be in the Attendance Prize Draw at the end of term, children need to have excellent punctuality – no more than one late mark for the term.

We hope that everyone has a great Summer term with fantastic attendance and punctuality!