4 thoughts on “Thought for the Week

  1. I would live in a jungle. Why? A jungle is known fortrees and animals. If animals can survve there, so can I. Food grows on trees there and there is bound to be a river or lake nearby. Wood is most resourceful there and I’m sure there will be some sort of animal which will provide meat, leather and company.

  2. I would rather live under the sea because the view would look amazing especially if there is lots of fish under there. But at the same time not really (it would be dangerous) because a shark can attack you or even some kinds of fish and people can’t breathe under-water!

  3. I would live on the moon because it would be exciting to explore the moon and try to find out if aliens are real!

  4. I agree with all of you you have great ideas.I would rather live in a jungle becuase there are lots of reasorces and mabye bring back some nice steal and also i love animals so i bet i will get along whith them

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