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Fireworks at Forestdale

This year, Selsdon Primary School pupils and parents have been invited to join Forestdale Primary School at their Fireworks Display on Friday 2nd November.

We have been given the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets in advance. Booking forms will be sent out to Selsdon Primary School pupils this week. Forestdale Primary will donate 15% of the takings for any tickets sold through our school.

To buy tickets, return your reply slip to the Selsdon Primary School office in plenty of time! Last date for advance ticket orders to be received is Weds 31 October. Please note that cheques must be made payable to Forestdale PTA or enclose EXACT CASH in a NAMED ENVELOPE  (We cannot give change or supply envelopes at the school office).

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3 thoughts on “Fireworks at Forestdale

  1. Evening, please can you send me the details of SPS new PTA as I may like to volunteer. (letter for fireworks states money is going to SPS PTA)

  2. Hi Hannah,
    There will be. The AGM for the new PTA is on next week Thursday at 2.30pm. Join us if you want to get involved. Best wishes

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