7 thoughts on “Thought for the week

  1. I think we should recycle so then so much stuff can be safer from going to the lands field and might also help the environment around us

  2. I think that recycling is good because it makes more and more stuff every time we do it

  3. Well if we recycle we can make the world a better place beacause there will be no rubbish but if we don’t the world will be smelly and not nice and it would be hard to live

  4. I think it is important that we recycle as we need to keep our environment safe from poisonous gases and to stop deforestation as we could be doing recycling which will stop deforestation and stop wasting too much resources which we would not need if we recycle as we would be reusing the resources we have already made . Furthermore, some things like nappies don’t break down very quickly . Do you know how long it takes for a nappie to break down ? It takes 120 YEARS for one nappie so imagine how smelly it will be.

  5. I think recycling is good because if we recycle we could make more paper,bottles and more then we recycle that and we won’t have to cut down trees to make more paper if we recycle it. Recycling can help the environment and can help.

  6. I think that we should recycle quite frequently because of many reasons ; we are sustainably using these materials and they can therefore be made into new items.Futhermore , recycling can prevent the exposure of carbon dioxide in the air . This is very significant as carbon dioxide (Co2) is very harmful to our body’s and the living creatures within our environment . Recycling also helps the production of many items that are used everyday . However , if we don’t recycle , then we might lose space for residential and shop areas as it will be filled with rubbish . So instead of throwing unwanted material in the wrong box , try help by not only doing it by yourself but also encouraging others to do the same acts. When throwing unwanted waste , make sure that all plastic composed materials go in the green bin , cardboard goes in the blue bin , garden waste goes in the large black bin with a brown lid and food waste goes in the small black bin.

    -Rayan Khan 😈

  7. I think recycling is good👍🏻 because we can produce new products everytime we do.

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