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  1. I disagree with this because at the end it says forget it but other than that it’s all correct. You should try not to forget a mistake because then you might make it again.

  2. I agree because when you recognise a mistake you have to admit it and learn from it. I also disagree because if you forget your mistake you could do it again and gain if you keep forgetting it

  3. I agree because when you learn from your mistakes you can forget you made them because you’ve already passed it

  4. I agree with this statement as if you recognise the mistake,you have to admit that you made the mistake.The reason you have to admit it is because if you don’t then the typical error may never be thought to have happened , which will result as a lack of dextenity in the current material that you are trying to master.
    However, if you do admit the mistake you make , it will be easy to terminate the mistake and therefore try to learn from it.Moreover if you learn from the mistake you made , it could help you in your beneficial studies.
    Finally , the last step is to forget it…
    This means that while simultaneously making other errors , you can at least renew yourself from encountering the same mistake constantly.


  5. I agree beacause we can learn from our mistakes πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“–πŸ“–

  6. I think that if you make a mistake that you can learn from your mistake . However ifyou don’t remember your mistake you can’t learn from it and make your work better but if you spot your mistake you can correct it and make it better as well as getting a greater understanding and seeing how you can improve yourself and set your goals for later

  7. I think it means that if you make a mistake, don’t keep worrying about it, instead, go over it

  8. I agree because when you have a mistake you have to recognise admit that you have really done it learn from it and if you feel bad about it in the end forget about it. Also I disagree because when it says forget about it it’s not good because what if you get yourself in the same situation then you wouldn’t have wanted to forget about if you should of kept it in mind and if the situation came to you you need to learn from your mistake and not forget about it. The reason you have to admit it is because you won’t get anything out of it if you lie. Moreover,you have learn from your mistake because if you get yourself in the same situation you will need to know the answer but you should never forget it

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