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Attendance last week

Well done to all children who achieved 100% attendance and punctuality last week, earning 10 house points each towards the termly house competition.

The top three classes for attendance last week were:

1st – Eagle (Year 6) 99.3%

2nd – Porpoise (Year 4) 99.2%

3rd – Seal (Year 4) 99.1%

Our goal for every child is to have attendance of 96% or higher. Overall school attendance last week was 96.4%, which means we’re on target to achieve our goal!

3 thoughts on “Attendance last week

  1. I think that if my class has a cold and are still late for school it’s going to be alright because the hatder we try the better it will be

  2. I think that if you are not really well you should not come in at all because you’ll spread it to other people in your class and this would cause more people out of school

  3. I think that if one ☝️ person 🙇🏻‍♀️has a cold it’s better they stay off school rather than come to school because they’ll spread it to other people in the class which will cause a huge problem because most people in our class will be off school and that will cause us to be last and no one will be happy 😊 including the 👩‍🏫 .

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