‘The Shack’ (a short story by Maisie)

Selsdon Year 6

Last week, Year 6 finished writing short stories – a project in English that we’d been working on for a couple of weeks. We were learning how to incorporate setting description, character description and a good plot, all whilst sticking to a ‘genre’ – quite a difficult task!

In Hawk class, we all did a fantastic job, but one story in particular stood out as being a particularly brilliant example of a short story – ‘The Shack’ by Maisie.

Here it is below:

The Shack

It was more of a shack than a house. If one stood outside, they would hear the hiss of low voices issuing from the house and vibrating through the drainpipes. Holes blossomed on the decaying, lopsided roof; the crumbling beams visible. Jade-green ivy strangled the house, creeping up drainpipes, crawling through gaps and twisting over brickwork. What was left of the windows were boarded up…

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