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Head lice

Selsdon Primary School and Nursery


Please check your child’s hair this weekend and continue to do so on a regular basis. Head lice cause children great discomfort and embarrassment.

Which Guide on choosing head lice and nit treatments

We have some head lice combs available in the school office for no charge.  They are also widely available in chemists and supermarkets.

How to get rid of head lice and nits

Treatments to get rid of head lice are available to buy from pharmacies, supermarkets and online. You don’t usually need to see your GP.

The main treatments are:

  • lotions or sprays that kill head lice – these can be very effective, but some aren’t suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for children under two
  • removing head lice with a specially designed comb – this is suitable for everyone and relatively inexpensive, but needs to be repeated several times and can take a long time to…

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