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A Sporting Start!

It’s been a sporty first few weeks for the pupils of Selsdon Primary, with many different children taking part in several different sports.

First up was tag-rugby, with some Year 4 and 5s attending a tag-rugby festival run by Old Whitgiftian’s Rugby Club on 22nd September. This was a great opportunity for children from Years 4 and 5 to have a go at tag-rugby, and they really proved themselves capable. Our team won or drew the majority of their matches, showing that we have some talented Year 4s and 5s in our midst!

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It’s been football madness since then, with four different matches!

First up, the boys travelled to Heavers Farm for the first round of the Croydon Schools Football Association Cup. Unfortunately, Heavers Farm bested the Selsdon team on this occasion, winning 2-1. There were some great performances from our team, however, showing us that this year is bound to be another successful one in football! A special mention goes to Tyler, who stepped into goal for our new team.

The next day, on a cold Saturday morning, our team travelled to Margaret Roper Primary School for the Croydon Advertiser 5-a-side cup. They played really well, but with some technically talented teams in their group, Selsdon were unable to move beyond the group stages. There were several outstanding performance, but Player of the Tournament goes to Christopher, who stepped up and dominated the midfield and even netted a couple of goals for Selsdon.

The girls also had their first match of the season, with a friendly against Heavers Farm today. The Heavers girls won the overall league last year, so are a well-practised side. The Selsdon girls improved vastly on their previous performances and really played well together as a team, however, this was not enough to overcome the strength of the Heavers team. There were several outstanding performances, with Ellie getting a special mention, but Nagnouma takes Player of the Match for her amazing job in defence.

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Look out for the results of the cross-country coming up next week and the girls football league taking place at Selsdon on Friday, 20th October.