5 thoughts on “Thought for the week

  1. I think that it would be bad without any school rules in school,because people will be getting hurt and lots of kids will be getting bullied and feel lonley.Plus the school would turn upsidedown and get all slippery.

  2. School would be crazy as there will be no detensions and maybe if becausse keeping hands and feet to our self would not be a rule and some got crazy and really hurt the school might be sued? Everyones work wont me tidy or even legible. There’d also be jobs lost as the detension person would be gone lunchtime supervisors wont be needed and the behiour person in ledership wont be need as theres no rules

    I would hate this because you wont learn anything when people dont have to listen

  3. I think it would be bad because if we didn’t have school rules people would do not treat others with respect and break things. We are taught to follow rules early on so in the future you do nice things without thinking.

  4. If there were no school rules I would still behave well but others may take advantage of having no school rules and behave terribly I think it would be Kaos with people fighting throwing things around and acting like they just had about 45 cups of coffee!

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