School Dinner Swap!

The menu for this Thursday and Friday will be swapping.

The menu tomorrow will be:

  • pizza Margherita / pan fried Tilapia / vegetable Roll
  • chunky chips
  • sweetcorn/garden peas
  • salad selection
  • homemade American cookie / fresh fruit platter / fruit yogurtpizza

The menu Friday will be:

  • Teriyaki chicken / Linguine with Pesto and Parmesan / Aubergine and chick pea Balti
  • fragrant pilau
  • roasted butternut squash, braised cabbage
  • salad selection
  • tropical oat bar / fresh fruit platter / fruit smoothie.pasta

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  1. I don’t eat school dinners.I ‘m packed lunch.
    But the school dinners look very yummy indeed though.
    Everyday,I look at the food and think,”That looks delicious!”


  2. On Thursday I’d love to have the chunky chips, fruit yogurt, American cookie and fresh fruit. On Friday I’d love to have fresh fruit and salad selection. But I can’t have anything because I am not allowed to have school dinners sadly

  3. The Y3s are very lucky that they make but I am grateful because my brother is in year3 so I get some pizza.

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